Fourteenth Week: December 6th – 12th, 2015

I forgot to post this! I actually listened to it all in time!

1. Various Artists – Congotronics 2 [2005]

Part of the same series that released the Konono N1 record I listened to last week, but this one has several different artists.

It’s tough to write about an album that is a collection of different artists. I will say that so far (three songs in), it’s a little easier for me to digest than Congotronics 1, meaning that musically it’s sitting closer to western music. I mean, it’s no western music by any means, but I’m not hearing notes here that make me think “are these notes in any scale that they use right now?”

I really like Soif Conjugale, and Mulume by Basokin sounds a lot like it could be something Harmonia or Cluster did, except I don’t think Basokin uses delay; they just keep repeating stuff by playing it.

2. Miles Davis – Agharta [1975]

This is a great record. It’s a recording of a live performance, but it seems to have a “seminal” status, so I figured I’d listened to it (even though it’s a live thing). It’s totally a very long record, so I can’t point to anything in particularly. I only listened to it once.

The guitar playing was pretty great! And I also noticed that they totally played Freddie Freeloader in Interlude / Theme from Jack Johnson. Not that that’s important to anything.

 3-6. Philip Glass – Einstein On The Beach [1978]

Kind of cheating since this is one piece, but this is a 4 CD thing. 160 minutes! And even that is a little shorter than the actual performance.

It’s great. I love the counting thing that comes and goes. The additive rhythm. The arpeggios I can take or leave. I know Philip Glass later stuff, which has a lot of the arpeggios. This is an earlier piece, so I shouldn’t be judgmental and call it a shtick, but it kind of is. Anyway, by the end of the third CD I couldn’t take it, the Propher 5 arpeggios were too much, and I had to take a break. Going to listen to the last CD soon.


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